PSP MAO: результаты

Pro Champions
1. San Diego Dynasty
2. Tampa Bay Damage
3. Edmonton Impact
4. LA Ironmen

Pro Challengers 
1st Omaha Vicious - Moving to Pro Champions!
2nd upTon 187 cRew - Moving to Pro Champions!
3rd Texas Storm
4th Seattle Thunder

Division 1
1st VcK
2nd Florida King$
3rd Wolfpack
4th San Diego Aftermath

Division 2
1st DC Devastation
2nd Hustle
3rd Revo II
4th Leverage

D3 RaceTo-4
1st CFP Wreckage Krew
2nd Southern Maryland Mayhem
3rd P.C. Katana
4th Revo III

D4 RaceTo-4
1st Houston Zone
2nd SKU Allstars
3rd CFP Static
4th AC417

D3 RaceTo-2
1st DC Dev II
2nd Fraction
3rd 406s Finest
4th Windham Table 13

D4 RaceTo-2
1st OTP United
2nd Storm Riders
3rd Xcavators_2
4th CPB Clap City All Stars

1st Asylum TrueBallers
2nd Onslaught
3rd Rockin Cocks